We are a group of developers who are currently building the next generation of productivity tools for early-stage companies. Why early-stage? Well, because we all started in such companies, so we know the challenges. We believe in human centric yet power-user friendly software for the benefit of unlocking your business.
Currently in development

Onboarding & Hiring toolkit

Looking for beta testers
Custom Hiring Workflow

Peer Tools


Custom worflows and tooling for technology companies.

  • Status: development
  • Beta testers needed
  • Remote friendly
  • Free for startups
Side projects

Channel Surfing for Netflix


Hackathon Project - Chrome extension for channel surfing Netflix

  • Status: live
  • Google Chrome
  • Extension
  • Netflix

Inspired - Black Edition

Mapping age of prominent yet under-represented people in history with users' current age, highlighting motivational or interesting achievements.

  • Status: development
  • iOS
  • Historical
  • Motivational

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